Soya - an annual herb, a species of the genus Soya (Glycine) of the Bean family.

Cultivated soy is widely cultivated in Asia, Southern Europe, North and South America, Central and South Africa, Australia, on the islands of the Pacific and Indian oceans at latitudes from the equator to 56-60 °.

Seeds of cultural soybeans, not quite so-called "soy beans" (from English Soya bean, soybean), are a widespread product known in the third millennium BC. The popularity of food soya is due to the following characteristics:

high yield;

high (up to 50%) protein content;

presence in the group of vitamins B, iron, calcium, potassium and essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic);

Possibility of prophylaxis of osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases;

possesses unique properties, allowing to produce from it a wide spectrum of various products.

In this regard, soy is often used as an inexpensive and useful substitute for meat and dairy products, and not only people with little prosperity, but also people for various reasons abandoned meat, for example, vegans. Also, soya is included in the feed of young animals of farm animals. Soybean meal is widely used in the meat and dairy industry and is part of many meat products.